Ever since I can remember, I have either played football or been a fan of the game. I remember as a kid hearing injury reports saying that a person suffered from an ankle fracture or a separated shoulder or even brain concussion. All of these relatively severe "on the job" sports injuries were just the occupational hazard until I heard of a player with "Turf Toe." I remember snickering to myself and thinking "what sissy would every have Turf Toe" or for that matter even admit to ever having such a minor injury. That was until I read on several occasions this injury actually caused the forced early retirement of some great athletes. Well I really didn't know better, matter of fact I thought turf toe ranked right up there with paper cuts, heel blisters, muscle spasms and other 'boo boos'. That's what I used to think before I really understood the injury and began seeing cases of it in my office.

Turf toe originally earned its name from the mechanism of injury involving players who got their big toe jammed into the early first manufacturing run of artificial turf. Astro Turf was actually outdoor carpet over semi soft running track material over asphalt. The injury itself is classified as a sprain injury to the First Metatarsal-Phalangeal Joint (the large ball that is located at the base of your big toe).

This is the joint that is stressed when one elevates themselves by getting up on the ball of your foot (your tiptoes). If the big toe gets forced in a hyperflexed or hyperextended direction (forced movement of raising the toe upward or lowering or flexing the toe in the downward direction), the ligaments will be injured. The result is an athlete who can barely walk, let alone use the big toe to push off or quickly decelerate to make a cut and change directions on the football field. At the Conklin Clinics our tissue remodeling works wonders on turf toe and the treatment encompasses rest, ice, elevation, weight bearing bracing and controlled motion combines with our low lever cold lasers for the best immediate treatment options for this acute injury.

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