John had done everything right or so he thought. He had been struggling with chronic pain for the last 14 years. He had a history of 2 lumbar surgeries and was left in more pain than he had when he first went in for surgery. Yes, the drop foot was greatly improved and he retained some of his leg strength but the pain in his lower back left him sedentary and unemployable. He came to the Conklin Clinic after he had seemingly tried everything. Epidural steroid injections, drugs, drugs and more drugs and he said, sadly, he "was on his last leg." I understood, having put up with chronic pain for years after experiencing two disc herniations in my lower back at the ripe old age of 19 years. I understood full well where he was coming from! His surgeon told him at his last visit, "...and we'll just have to go in there and clean up the scar tissue that has proliferated over time. John told me that he then asked his surgeon, "but wouldn't that cause more scar tissue in the long run?" Well, that was the end of that conversation and he was told he, "would just have to live with it". Until he came to our office. After "weight bearing" x-rays and careful evaluation, we placed him on a well designed treatment plan with typed "Activities of Daily Living Guidelines," specific to his needs.

The treatment involved using a variety of conservative non-invasive energy medicine techniques such as gentle spinal traction, more aggressive decompressive tractioning techniques, and cold laser therapy with tissue remodeling techniques to include prescribing one shoe orthotic to correct a structurally short leg. After the first visit he felt a small amount of immediate relief, but more importantly, he had hope. He was compliant with his treatment plan and appeared very genuine with following his Activities of Daily Living Guidelines. After 2 months he experienced greater range of motion with 90% reduction of lower back pain and he resumed his pre-surgical daily activities to include exercise and working out with weights. He now comes in anywhere from one to three months for follow up care and the blessing is he has a life.

We are good at what we do and we genuinely care about our patients at the Conklin Clinic, but we know that people really don't care about what you know until they really know how much you care. We're serious about what we do! Give us a call.