Do you sometimes get frustrated when within days after receiving an adjustment the discomfort and the feeling of stiffness come right back into your life? I was too until I learned about the hidden culprit and how to successfully address it. Shortly after receiving my license I attended post-graduate training to become certified in Spinal Trauma. What I learned was the missing or often overlooked piece of the puzzle: That piece was "Fascial Adhesions". Fascial Adhesions are microscopic scarring in the tissue in and around the muscles and other connective tissues surrounding the spine. These Fascial Adhesions are a huge culprit in both Chronic Neck and Chronic Back Pain that can mimic discogenic pain patterns but they are related to Herniated Discs or disc damage.

And on top of that, it is not uncommon to see Tendinosis/fibrosis in or around the spine. The final kick in the teeth is that when these things are present (sometimes quite subtly), it adversely affects other structures causing pain to be referred to other areas of the body and if the physician is not aware of this problem the patient is often misdiagnosed and their symptoms are treated but the true underlying problem is never discovered. This leads to pain and anti-inflammatory dependence and a life of chronic pain and a compromised lifestyle. Left alone and not treated appropriately leads to degenerative disc disease and loss of bodily functionality, Fortunately for most of you there is a solution.

If you are one of those individuals who has seemingly tried everything to get rid of your Chronic Neck and Back Pain, don't give up hope. Tissue Remodeling coupled with Microlight Laser therapy could be the solution you have been searching for. The good news is I will know if we can help you, often times, after the first visit. Give us a call.