When I came in to see Dr. Phil Conklin I had been suffering from many conditions, some of these complaints were lower back pain, a healed fractured foot that caused me severe pain with every step I took, severe pain in both elbows that using my arms at work or during leisure activities caused me such pain that I had to abandon the activity at hand, loss of neck movement and shoulder pain. I also suffered from severe gastrointestinal problems that I could not eat without abdominal pain and I couldn’t sleep well. All and all I suffered from my musculoskeletal problems for approximately 20 years and had suffered for more than 2 years from gastrointestinal problems.

I had gone to see so many physicians and specialists that I lost count, that along with keeping track of the many tests such as X-rays, MRI’s, Scans, scoping my insides with upper and lower G.I. tests. The doctors wouldn’t really listen to me they would just order another battery of diagnostic tests and prescribe more drugs. Maybe it was due to a lack of concern on their part.

When I first got here I was received like a family member, but first and foremost the sincerity of everyone here. Dr. Conklin actually took the time to listen. He is a doctor that took his free time to work on my case. He is the type of man who looked me in the eye and told me that he could and would make me better and did it. Dr. Conklin gave me my life back, to allow me to continue hunting, fishing, swimming, and enjoying another sunrise, to enjoy the howl of a wolf in the forest and the turkey’s gobble or even the scream of an eagle overhead. These are the things that I love in the great outdoors and they were the very things I was having to give up before I met Dr. Conklin. As a result of my care I have a lot more energy, I feel younger, I am active once again and I am living well again. Dr. Conklin is the most impressive and knowledgeable doctor I have ever known.

Mr. Darrell Anderson

I had suffered from chronic back problems stemming from multiple herniated discs causing the back pain to radiate down into my legs and neck problems that caused pain to radiate into my arms as well. My treatment prior to coming to see Dr. Conklin included steroid pack and medications without relief. Injection therapy helped but was told that I needed to have surgery for these conditions.

I was treated by the staff well and the treatment that I received from Dr. Conklin has always been excellent. These people are genuine. The care is personal and everyone is very respectful and kind.

The only problem I have is that I have to drive an hour to get to the clinic and I get some flack at work for being late on occasion but it is worth it.

The results that I have experienced are greater ranges of motion and flexibility, I feel better, healthier and stronger, my outlook is better because I don’t hurt as much. I also save money on pain killers.

I continue to play national ranked upper level tier hardball fast pitch baseball at the age of 52 and I find that I can compete on a higher level with greater intensity. I play on a 48+ team…Why? Because I can!!!...........Thanks to Dr. Conklin.

Anthony Santoro

I had been suffering with neck pain, headaches and migraines for 4 years and irritable bowel syndrome for 15 years. I had seen a number of Medical Doctors for these conditions who ordered tests, MRI’s and X-rays and they prescribed multiple types of pain drugs even steroids which didn’t help and after many failed attempts I was told, “It’s in your Head.” I was referred to Doctor Conklin by a friend of mine who had experienced good results with Doctor Conklin’s care. Throughout my care the staff has been very friendly, but the thing I liked most about my care was the clear explanation of everything. The thing I liked the least was in the beginning I really did not know if it would work.

The results that I have received with Doctor Conklin was the elimination of my neck pain, a large drop in the headaches and no migraines. I am also beginning to see a great deal of improvement with my irritable bowel syndrome. My comments to anyone considering Doctor Conklin would be: Don’t be skeptical, I highly recommend them.

Greg Bass

For about the last 10-15 years I had suffered from frequent headaches, neck pain and stiffness and lower back pain. I had taken “over the counter” medications for any kind of relief. I had even gone in for an MRI to see what was going on but was told that the MRI was normal.

Staff was wonderful and was treated well. They were all very kind with a “family environment” feeling. What I liked most about me care is that I feel better! And that I was explained everything and had every question answered, quite honestly there was really nothing unpleasant about my care.

The results that I experienced have been a big reduction in my pain and stiffness and that I seem to have more energy and feel happier.

I would and have recommended Dr. Conklin to anyone. My experience here has been wonderful.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others so that my words might serve as a beacon of hope to those that may have lost their hope in their quest for relief of their pain and disability.

Amanda McElhaney

I had been suffering with extreme lower back pain, osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, and fybromyalgia for more than three years. I could barely walk a few feet without stopping because of the pain. The pain had gotten so bad that it would take me 45 minutes to walk to my car just 50 yards away, the pain was that unbearable I would cry. I had seen several Doctors for my conditions and they just prescribed medications. This did not help me. In fact my conditions got worse where I almost had given up hope on getting better.

Doctor Conklin and his staff were very kind, caring, and gentle. What I like most about Dr. Conklin was their genuine concern and the ultimate results. He answered my questions thoroughly to my understanding. I am very excited that I am taking charge of my life, not the pain. I have already recommended Dr. Conklin to my co-workers, relatives and friends.

Lana Edwards

I had suffered for 10-12 years from neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain with dizziness and changes in sensation with tingling in my fingers.

These symptoms were getting progressively worse. I had been treated by a Medical Doctor and another Chiropractor for the past 5 years with little or no results.

The Staff and Dr. Conklin were extremely friendly, courteous, helpful, caring and professional and throughout the different Phases of my care my condition improved tremendously.

I don’t have any complaints and the results were very positive. I would and have highly recommended Dr. Conklin for anyone experiencing physical problems and disability stemming from their pain.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing and educating others to spread light and truth for those that may have lost hope for help in getting their pain and physical problems fixed.

Irma Hall

I had suffered from neck and lower back pain for 20 years without relief. I had gone to another Chiropractor once before, but the Doctor was too rough and the treatment was too painful.

The staff treated me wonderfully they were very nice and very professional. What I liked most about my care was the benefits of pain relief and more flexibility and the “one on one treatment”.

I guess what I liked least about my care was, in my case due to it’s chronic nature, there was some discomfort involved during my treatment in getting rid of my pain.

My care plan here at the Chiropractic Health Center and Dr. Conklin resulted in greater bodily range of motion and less pain. The Staff was wonderful and Dr. Conklin is knowledgeable, gentle and the treatment was friendly and kind.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Mary Lynn Haynes

Over the years I’ve had many falls, a broken foot, car accident related injuries and several surgeries. I’d not realized little by little my life had changed. I had gone from an active life to one where I’d even find myself weighing if I really wanted to stand or even walk a short distance due to the pain that I had been experiencing.

Through all of these problems I wound up having one leg longer than the other due to a Total Knee Replacement throwing my spine and hips out of alignment. Prior treatment from other physicians included: Many different types of pain medications, including cortisone dose packs which didn’t seem to help, neither did the exercises prescribed. My pain was sometimes unbearable but I kept forcing myself to keep on going and no one had any idea the severe burden of pain I was bearing.

I developed a pain eventually in my hip and lower back that became so bad I had to often brace myself to be able to sit, stand or even lie down and never knew when the pain would take my breath away. So when I saw an article in the newspaper on Dr. Conklin I thought I needed to try a different approach. I had been to other chiropractors in the past and had been given many quick fixes so that’s what I expected this time too…anything for some relief.

The Staff was caring in a friendly professional manner conveying to me that I was an individual and not just another patient. I also found a Doctor who began treating the whole problem, seeing it from the chiropractic and medical standpoint. He treats you from a vast knowledge of many aspects of healing. He has the confidence in his skills to not feel threatened by listening without skepticism of what others have tried that did or did not work. He takes the necessary time to consider all and come up with a treatment plan that will be best for you individually.

In my case, as treatment progressed and the pain from my hip began to subside, I realized that I had been ignoring other problems thinking nothing could be done to help. As I discussed this with Dr. Conklin he would begin a new plan of treatment. He leveled up my legs with orthopedic shoe inserts that helped me considerably with my spinal pain. I’m finding myself with lots more energy and now have the desire to do more once again.

Dr. Conklin and the Staff really care…it’s important to them that everything possible is done to stop your pain. This doctor is really incredible, he has your well-being as a top priority and puts all his thoughts and knowledge into making you a well, whole person again.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others so that my words might serve as a beacon of hope to those that may have lost their hope in their quest for relief of their pain and disability.

Judy Gill

For 16 years I had been suffering from migraines, shoulder pain and hip pain that left me feeling drained with no energy. I had been to all types of natural doctors as well as conventional medical doctors without relief. One day a concerned friend and neighbor told me about a doctor that he believed could help me. His name is Dr. Phil Conklin. Upon arriving at the Chiropractic Health Center I was greeted with a smile and have felt welcome every visit. The thing I liked most about my care was the adjustments.

Overall my results have been favorable. I have a lot more energy and can get through the day without feeling drained and can get through the week without a Migraine.

I would recommend my family, friends and anyone I feel would benefit from chiropractic care that Dr. Conklin can give.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Kathy L.

For more than 5 years I had been experiencing mid back and lower back pain, headaches, knee pain, jaw pain and insomnia. I had been to other doctors for help and was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and Ibuprofen without any benefit. When I first came in to see Dr. Conklin I was treated by the staff like an old friend would have been accepted. What I liked most about my care is the fact that Dr. Conklin has the heart of a teacher, he not only treats your condition but he takes the time to insure that you know why he is doing what he is doing and prescribes the appropriate treatment accordingly and doesn’t leave you wondering. The results with care have been good, I went from having headaches that would last for days to rarely having a headache, my knees do not hurt, my jaw feels fine and my back pain is almost gone.

The Staff at the Chiropractic Health Center really care about your wellbeing. Dr. Conklin is knowledgeable and kind and makes himself available to you if needed and I would recommend the Center to anyone in need of help.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Mark Lopez

I had been suffering for 31 years for headaches (since the age of 16), as well as pain and stiffness in my neck, lower back pain with pain in my heels. The treatment that I received prior to coming in to see Dr. Conklin included medication after medication and their benefits only lasted for short periods of time and once the medication wore off the pain would return.

That is until I was introduced to Dr. Conklin. Words cannot express the kindness that I received from the staff. It is truly Life touching. The staff showed great concern about my health and meeting my needs in getting me better.

The results from my care were good, I feel better, I think clearer and I am experiencing a more wonderful life. My life has been touched. My comments about Dr. Conklin and the Staff at the clinic is it’s the best thing that can happen to you! LifeTouch family has truly earned their name with me.

I give Dr. Phil Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Antonette Mapp

I had been suffering from severe lower back pain for 6 weeks. I had trouble functioning and getting around, I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t work. Prior to coming to Dr. Conklin I had tried massage therapy and when that didn’t help I went in to see Doctor Conklin. I was treated by the staff with great understanding and patience and they answered all of my questions. What I really liked the most about my care was the results and what I always like the least about my care is having to leave.

The results with Chiropractic have been fantastic I enjoy pain-free flexibility, I am able to sleep and I am capable of unrestricted work! My comment to anyone considering seeing the Dr. Conklin would be: It is a must experience, he is better than Medical Doctors. Thank you!

Richard Miller

I first came to see Dr. Conklin for a stiff neck and pain in between my shoulder blades. I had received medications from many medical doctors and treatment from several chiropractors as well without relief. Comparing the care that Dr. Conklin and his staff gives doesn’t compare. I have never been treated so well, I love coming here because of the feeling of being loved and cared for by everyone. There is a calming spirit here that I love. What I liked most about my care was the results. I was amazed when I saw the before and after X-Rays and my neck was not fused anymore. I feel so much better and I can move my neck and head so much better.

For one thing I feel I have a new family that cares about me and I am receiving the best care I have ever had anywhere. I have told all my friends and all my family about this wonderful place. They too, are coming here for care.

I give Dr. Phil Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Jeannie N.

I had been suffering since my early teens (14 or 15 years of age) from neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, right leg pain, low energy, lethargy, swollen feet and Rheumatoid Arthritis. These symptoms became more severe and debilitating as I grew older.

Previous treatment before coming to Dr. Conklin included:

  1. Physical Therapy

  2. Chiropractic adjustments since the age of 18

  3. Pain killers and muscle relaxers, such as Parafon Forte, Tolectin, Flexeril, Athrotec, Torodol, Morphine, Darvoset, Vicodin, Tramadol, Bextra, lodene and Naprosyn.

I was treated by the Staff with courtesy and compassion. What I liked most about my care was the variety of treatments, the orientation class, flexible payment plans, convenient location, free parking and cordial staff. Nothing displeased me and I am so happy to feel alive again and not being depressed because of prior declining health. My outlook on life is more positive and I feel motivated to do more each day. The exercises that Dr. Conklin prescribed were challenging, but I received the relief and benefits immediately.

The lethargy is gone and I don’t moan and groan when I sit or stand. I have begun to do things that I had long abandoned years ago. Now, I can do my house chores as well as do the things that I love such as dancing, gardening and exercising.

I have recommended Dr. Conklin to several friends. They have noted my new energy and weight loss. At a recent fashion show a former co-worker saw me for the first time since I retired in 2004 and she told me that I looked 20 years younger and another former co-worker told me I looked 10 years younger. That same night another former co-worker not known for his positive comments gave me a big hug and told me how much younger I looked and how great I looked and that he didn’t even recognize me! Not only can I perform once long abandoned activities of daily living but I have helped my parents in cleaning their house and perform other chores for them as well. I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others.

Charlotte Yvonne Poole

I had been experiencing lower back pain with pain shooting down both of my legs for about 20 years. It was so bad that I couldn’t stand more than a couple of hours without having to sit down and rest. I had also been suffering from occasional chest pain for 4 to 5 years. Prior to seeing Dr. Conklin I had seen Medical Doctors about my back and had postponed surgery as long as possible. Concerning my chest pain, I had been hospitalized and after a battery of tests the Medical Doctors still couldn’t explain why I was having pain. I was referred to Dr. Conklin by someone who had experienced good results with his care and went to see him as a last hope to avoid surgery.

My care was excellent and everyone at the Chiropractic Health Center was friendly and supportive. It was a good experience and I started feeling better from Day 1, overall what I liked most would have to be the results! I feel better and I know I am more healthy today. Thanks! I highly recommend Dr. Conklin.

Rev. James Smith

I had suffered on and off for years with shoulder and upper back pain that was so bad that I couldn’t feed myself. I had been to my family physician and he prescribed NSAIDS and muscle relaxers that would only temporarily help, that is until the drug wore off. When I first came to LifeTouch Chiropractic I was and always have been treated wonderfully by the staff and love the loving care that they provide. What I like least about my care is that I can’t come in at least twice a day! The results that I received from my care was A-Okay both mentally and physically.

My comments to anyone considering Dr. Conklin at LifeTouch is:

Go for it!

It will be a treat of a lifetime.

I give Dr. Conklin permission to use this information in informing others who may have lost all hope for their problems and pain and don’t know where to turn.

Julia Starns

I had been suffering from a right shoulder injury that resulted in frozen shoulder syndrome from a seizure that I have experienced 10 days prior. My shoulder movement was extremely painful with any movement. When I arrived at the clinic the staff was great, but the thing that I liked most about my care is being able to move my arm and shoulder in all directions.

The results that I have received at the clinic have been very favorable and they have allowed me to get back to a normal life without pain. If asked to recommend anyone to Doctor Conklin I would say: They are very concerned with helping you and they do a fine job.

Judith Wesbrook